An explanation the possible booking statues: Pending, Paid or Cancelled.

The configuration of the extension to setup and control some of the features of the booking system.

To use features such as the refund function PayPal API must be setup, allowing Booking Robot to fully communicate with the payment gateway PayPal.

The aim of the module is to allow the availability of services to be checked by the public and to allow the business manager to check, edit and add bookings on the fly using a mobile touch device.

This feature allows the option to manually add dates to a service rather than use the automatically generated dates.


The booking system has been under development for many years. We have kept a log of the changes to show how things have advanced.


Our small international team meet online to design and develop the extension. We use ‘Trello’ to keep organised and meet our goals.


The extension is simple and intuitive to use, but we also have documentation and a video series to show you exactly how things work.