An explanation the possible booking statues: Pending, Paid or Cancelled.


Status PendingThe booking status of pending is reached when the customer has previewed the booking and clicks pay.
The chosen booking options are saved; service, time and group size slots are reserved.
The admin email is sent, informing the admin of the new booking.
Pending status is held for a selected number of minutes (default 30) allowing time for the customer to make a payment and complete the booking.
If no payment is made within the time limit then the status automatically changes to cancelled.


Status PaidThe booking status of paid is reached when the customer completes the PayPal payment process and a transaction identification number is generated.
When the booking changes to paid the customer email is then sent.


Status CancelledThe booking status of cancelled is achieved is various ways.

  • The admin can manually cancel a booking.
  • The admin can choose to refund a booking, triggering the cancelled status.
  • A pending booking will automatically change to cancelled if timed out; when no payment is made after a set time (default 30 minutes).
  • Once transfered to PayPal the customer chooses to 'Cancel & Return' rather than complete the payment.

When a booking becomes cancelled the reserved service, time and group size slots are made available to be booked by another customer (assuming the booking remains in date).


The booking system has been under development for many years. We have kept a log of the changes to show how things have advanced.


Our small international team meet online to design and develop the extension. We use ‘Trello’ to keep organised and meet our goals.


The extension is simple and intuitive to use, but we also have documentation and a video series to show you exactly how things work.