Increase your sales by offering extras to complement your services. Optional extras can be set to be charged per person or per group booking.

Adding an extra to a service
From the dashboard open the Extras and click the ‘New’ button., fill out the details and save & close.

The database identification number.

Both the title of the item and the label that will be used. Including the price within the title is recommended.

Publish or un-publish the extra.

Multi Chargeable
Yes or NO.
If yes, when the customer selects the extra it will be charged per person. Multiplied by the group size.
If No and the customer selects this extra it will be charged once and the group size will not affect this.

The price of the extra.

A list of all services. Simply tick the service that the extra should be applied to.

To adjust the order of the listed times click the ‘Ordering’ title of the main table. Arrows will appear and then you can adjust as required. The table order will affect how the public see the order of the extras.


The booking system has been under development for many years. We have kept a log of the changes to show how things have advanced.


Our small international team meet online to design and develop the extension. We use ‘Trello’ to keep organised and meet our goals.


The extension is simple and intuitive to use, but we also have documentation and a video series to show you exactly how things work.